Changsha Riverfront Cultural Park

Changsha, China
Changsha City Committee of Construction
Competition 2004

Winner of a limited international design competition for a new cultural precinct for Changsha, the capital of Hunan in China, comprising library, concert hall and museum.

The design combines the library, concert hall and museum into a single form with a strong visual impact.  The unique dragon-like shape twists and turns through its park setting.  Set back from the river, it maximises views to both the park and river.  Stage two of the project, a hotel and convention centre, is housed in an adjacent tower and podium of 60-storeys.

Contained within the overall twisting roof structure, the library, concert hall and museum are discrete buildings with clearly identifiable entrances.  Between each of these cultural buildings, the dragon roof covers plazas for drop-off and pick-up, or for use as large covered outdoor performance and gathering spaces.