East West Link

Melbourne, Australia
East West Connect
Project 2013 – 2014

Denton Corker Marshall led the infrastructure architecture and urban design on the winning proposal for the $5.4 billion East West Link (EWL) in inner Melbourne.

With extensive infrastructure experience, including the adjacent Melbourne Gateway, the practice was uniquely placed to deliver innovative solutions for this visually and socially sensitive project.  The team embraced the physical characteristics of the engineering structures while striving to address visual and physical impact upon adjacent spaces.

The concept of ribbons was developed as the motif for the project, as abstract strokes rising and falling, appearing and disappearing, revealing and concealing.  It unified both the project’s individual components and the broader road network, when combined with a ‘Route Tagging’ concept.  Coloured ribbons appear at strategic locations to provide visual cues with the EWL green tagged to the eastbound routes, orange signalling CityLink and yellow marking routes to the city.

In association with Hassell.