Guangzhou Camel Headquarters

Guangzhou, China
Camel Clothing Company
Project 2019 - current

Guangzhou Camel HQ is a new mixed-use development featuring three towers floating above a vibrant retail base on the Pearl River waterfront. Our scheme maximises views, connections and integration with the landscape and waterfront, reinforcing the brand identity of Camel, an adventure and active-wear clothing company.

The towers are clustered around a central plaza with an expansive lightweight ‘cloud’ canopy providing year-round, all-weather protection connecting directly with a landscaped linear park along the riverfront. The towers are designed as a family of singular, clear, and timeless sculptural forms articulated by balconies and terraces expressed as a series of dynamic, shifting horizontal plates. The balconies and terraces provide sun shading and thermal comfort to interior spaces, and maximise views over the Pearl River and waterfront park.