Maya Ubud Resort + Spa

Ubud, Indonesia
PT Hotel Pandan Arum
Project 1998 – 2001

The Maya Ubud Resort + Spa comprises 60 luxury villas with private pools and 48 suites.

Located high between two river valleys, the resort sits on a long sloping peninsula of land, dropping off dramatically at its southern tip to the Petanu River.  Down at the riverside, the Maya Spa sits next to a small waterfall.

Maya Ubud’s design juggles with new and traditional concepts: there are no intricate Balinese paintings, masks or statues; instead, a deeper, ancient Balinese concept is celebrated through its landscape and architecture.

Siting is inspired by the prehistoric Balinese tradition with villages located along the Kaja-Kelod sacred axis, linking the mountains in the centre of the island – the realm of Gods (Kaja) – to the surrounding seas where the demons are (Kelod).