The Cube, Asia Square

BlackRock Property Singapore
Project 2007 – 2013

The Cube at Asia Square is a 17 metre high, 6,000m² city room, sitting within a total of 9,300m² of covered open space.  It is designed to accommodate both local office workers, and visitors associated with precinct, and city wide gatherings and events.

The space is characterised by:

– a random pattern of square skylights providing both natural light and natural ventilation;

– four vast video walls – the largest microtile screen installation in Asia – which activate the side walls;

– café, restaurants and bars activating the edges;

– entry and address to the tower lobbies;

– vehicular drop off and arrival;

– trees and fountains; and

– a food court on the upper level.

It has swiftly become a destination, a meeting point, and the main public gathering place in the business district.

In association with Architects 61.