Zhongkun Tower

Beijing, China
Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group
Project 2002 – 2007

A 19-storey office development near the Beijing Zoo, on a 0.8 hectare site, adjacent to the Nanchang (formerly Jade) River.

The 70,000m² building is the most significant part of a 14 – 15 hectare redevelopment comprising a total of 360,000m² of residential, commercial, retail and recreational space.

The sculptural form of the office tower creates a notable landmark in its urban setting.  The building’s visual bulk is reduced by breaking the form into finger elements stepping up within the height limit.

The distinctive striped appearance of the façade is created with horizontal window panels of dark and silver glass interspersed with strips of titanium-coated aluminium composite panels.  Large clear glass ‘urban windows’ further disguise the apparent scale.