Biomedical Learning + Teaching Building, Monash University

Melbourne, Australia
Monash University
Project 2016 – 2018

The Biomedical Learning + Teaching Building is a 11,360m2 facility at Monash University’s Clayton campus, providing a state of the art learning environment for students in biomedical science.

The new building incorporates an innovative pedagogical solution in four Flexi Labs.  The ‘L’ shaped labs wrap around a central glazed satellite prep area providing smaller scaled, more personable lab space for cohorts of 60, 120 or interlinked space for up to 240 students, visually connected as one.  This enables teaching and learning of multiple subjects concurrently and independently in a uniquely Monash solution.

The facility also includes a 1,200m2 informal Learning Hub accommodating 440 students.  With an average of 90 informal learning seats per floor, the Hub provides spaces for quiet, self-directed learning as well as, larger, more active group settings.

In association with Arina.

2019 AIA Victorian Chapter Award for Educational Architecture