Molecular Horizons, University of Wollongong

Wollongong, Australia
University of Wollongong
Project 2017 – 2019

The University of Wollongong’s new facility for molecular and life sciences is an $80 million collaborative research facility equipped with world-leading technologies, centred around $25 million microscopy equipment, including Titan Krios and Talos Arctica cryo-electron microscopes (Cryo-EM) and super-resolution optical microscopes.  The Centre is dedicated to researching life at a molecular level, helping to solve some of the biggest health challenges facing the world.

The Cryo-EM microscope’s extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic interference required separation from services and lifts, along with non-ferrous construction.

The design response creates two blocks: a services and lift block clad in charcoal aluminium, and a glazed laboratory wing.  They are connected via a transparent link containing breakout, meeting spaces and ‘science-on-display’, promoting interaction.  Informal outdoor learning extends the interaction into the landscape.

In association with Jacobs.