Courts of Justice, State of Qatar

Qatar, United Arab Emirates
International Design + Consultant Corporation
Competition 2013

Denton Corker Marshall was invited, along with two other international practices, to participate in a design competition for the new Courts of Justice in Qatar.

Located in Jelaiah, in the north of Doha near Qatar University, the Courts of Justice occupy a 2.95 hectare site.

The design aims to create a sense of openness and accessibility to public areas, coupled with well shaded enclosure to the courtrooms and judicial areas.  It is simple and legible in its primary forms, but rich and expressive in its internal detail.

The building has civic presence, and a powerful dignity appropriate to its role, yet maintains a sense of scale and humanity via a system of gardens integrated into the architectural disposition.  It is memorable and forward-looking while at the same time capturing the essence of time-honoured authority and respect found in the best civic architecture.