Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Queensland, Australia
Gold Coast City Council
Competition 2013

The design for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct takes inspiration from the water.

Like ripples created by pebbles dropped into a pond, ribbons spread out from the cultural precinct, sweeping through the landscape and across the water.  Formed from metal sheet and sculpted landform, the ribbons interweave built-form, landscape and water with art, performance and events.  They overlap and intertwine, enveloping existing buildings and forming new spaces, curving and diverging to define indoor volumes and outdoor spaces, inclining to create shade, shelter and pavilions in the park.

The buildings, ribbons and terrain form an armature that frames ‘whirlpool’ spaces woven through the site, overlapping at powerful junctions.  The amphitheatre and the key building entries converge at the Great Terrace.  This central space is the main centrifuge that draws from, and in turn contributes to, the surrounding elements.