Denton Corker Marshall Studio

Melbourne, Australia
Denton Corker Marshall
Project 2014 – 2016

After 35 years, we outgrew our studio at 49 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.  Spread over five small floors, we needed a new contemporary workspace with high connectivity, high flexibility, and good daylight and amenity.  Level 19 in the IM Pei classic modernist tower at Collins Place, allowed us to consolidate onto a single floor.

The new space reflects the Denton Corker Marshall approach to design – disarmingly minimalist, direct, simple, robust and enduring.  It is predominantly a working space, a workshop for the making of architecture.

A memorable entry instantly signals the practice as a creative institution within a corporate tower.  The reception seat is the stand-out insertion, a distinctive and memorable feature of the space.  It is not an object of place on the floor; it is the floor itself – swollen and split.

2019 AIA National Emil Sodersten Award for Interior Architecture 2019 AIA Victorian Chapter Award for Interior Architecture