Chengdu Luxelakes Eco-City

Chengdu, China
Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group
Project 2019 - current

Chengdu’s Luxelakes ECO-City is a luxury residential tower complex featuring a covered connecting space between the buildings where the framed, elevated lake views emerge.

Referencing the lakeside environment, the expression of the Y-shaped towers was inspired by water lilies floating in quiet freshwater habitats. By layering the flower-inspired shape, we create an elegant and bold articulation of the building. The façade is horizontally expressed with thin plates and articulated with vertical blades providing shade to eastern and western aspects. The design solution provides a uniform yet abstract appearance.

The cleverly designed apartments each has sufficient floor plate depth to enjoy a 360-degree outlook and a flexible floor plate configuration allowing Western and Chinese kitchens to coexist.